When you think or talk about “Made in Italy” your thoughts project an image of tradition, passion, culture, style and quality. This is what Andrea Carrano’s New York boutique represents. There’s a little corner on the Upper East Side were woman stop to chat with each other “chiacchierare” as we say in Italy.
They discuss ideas and share secrets, while shopping for fashionable shoes. 
In the early morning on your way to the doctor, work or perhaps running a few errands you might meet up with a friend at Andrea Carrano NY.  You run to the market, pick up a bottle of wine and your favorite chocolates before dropping by Andrea Carrano NY. 
This is the atmosphere the owner, Betta Carrano with her vibrant personality and contagious smile has created a sort of “petit salon” as the French say. 
Listening to her customers, she understands how simple conversation can lead to something magical for her next collection. 
Betta started in the early ‘70’s working closely with her late husband, Andrea Carrano. Andrea Carrano designed by Betta is the reflection of a bygone era updated for the lifestyle of today. 
The centerpiece of her boutique is a beautiful display of loafers in almost every imaginable color and yet, customers can request their favorite fabrics or shade. Come experience our butter soft loafers and we promise they’ll put a smile on your face.
What else? Hope to see you soon!